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Rear A/C block off kits

A solution for leaking rear A/C lines or rear A/C evaporator on your vehicle. This allows you to eliminate the rear A/C system and continue to use the front system vs spending $1000.00+ to repair the rear system.

Includes installation instructions, CNC machined fittings and O-ring seals for low pressure and high pressure lines. 

Rear A/C Block off kit for 1991-1999 Tahoe/ Yukon/ Suburban with 5.7L, 7.4L,  Diesel engines

Rear A/C Block off kit for 2000 and newer Tahoe/ Yukon/ Suburban with 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, Diesel engines

Don’t spend $1000+ on factory rear aluminum A/C lines Just to have them fail again in a few years!
Upgrade to our rubber replacement lines!

If you own a 1991-1999 GM Tahoe, Yukon or Suburban chances are you have had problems with the rear air conditioning system. Especially if you live in the northern climates where road salt is used or if you live near salt water.

The problem occurs because the factory lines are made from aluminum tube.  Salt in the air or on the road reacts with the aluminum and after a few years these aluminum lines usually develop leaks in several areas.

As a result the refrigerant leaks out, the A/C stops working and your vehicle becomes a sauna on wheels during the summer months.

Our rear A/C line system eliminates the inferior aluminum tube lines and replaces with high pressure rubber barrier hose. The same type of material used in the high pressure hose assembly in the front of the system.

Because our lines are flexible installation is a breeze compared to replacing with the factory aluminum lines.

Rear A/C line upgrade kit 1991-1999 GM Tahoe/ Yukon/ Suburban.  These lines are a direct replacement and can be mounted to your existing aluminum lines or use our mounting kit.

OEM fitting bolt directly to existing front A/C system and rear evaporator.  No adapters or modifications needed.

Complete Rear A/C kit for Tahoe/ Yukon/ Suburban

This kit includes everything you need to replace the rear A/C system in your Tahoe/ Yukon or Suburban.

Includes Rear A/C line kit, Rear evaporator core and Rear expansion valve

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