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AC Line Repair Kit TR10 5/8" 36" length

AC Line Repair Kit TR10 5/8" 36" length

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Flexible AC Line Repair Kit 5/8" x36"

For 5/8" OD tube Our A/C line repair kits are quick and easy way to repair auto air conditioning lines without spending hundreds of dollars on new OEM lines!
Most A/C lines get corroded or damaged in small sections causing the refrigerant to leak out. Our A/C line repair kit allows you to repair the corroded or damaged section of line at a very low cost and without any specialty tools. All you need is a tube cutter and standard wrench set.
MADE IN USA! No special tools needed
Repair kits are assembled, pressure tested and ready to install -Very flexible.
Repair straight or angled sections of A/C line
Custom length available
Available sizes: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 8mm, 12mm 14.5mm
Includes installation instructions.

Repair aluminum AC lines in whatever length section you need!

Please be advised; Any length size outside of 6" 12" 24" and 36" is considered custom sized. We make them per request. Any customized ends requested on the lines is also custom and therefore any "custom" orders are NON-RETURNABLE! So please be sure you order exactly what you need.
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