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Engine Oil Pan Heater 250W

Engine Oil Pan Heater 250W

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Engine Oil Pad Heater 250 Watt 8-20 quart reservoir 

Prevents cold start damage / faster cold start crank!

  • Rate for 8-20 quart oil capacity
  • 250 Watt,  120 volt
  • Designed for smaller oil pans and crankcases
  • Pad Dimensions 4" X  5"
  • Universal application
  • Mounts in any position
  • Very flexible and pliable, Has high temp. 3M adhesive on reverse side
  • Plugs into any 120 volt receptacle
  • Oil and acid resistant
  • Keeps compressor oil warm
  • Easy to install, as it requires little mechanical ability

Available in 25, 50, 100, 150, 250, 500 watt models We carry many other silicone pad heaters in different sizes and watts.  Please ask if you don't see the size you need in our store.

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