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R134a Refrigerant Freon with Dye to Detect Leaks

Car AC Leaking or Blowing warm? Find the leak, then you have a better chance at fixing the system for good!

Your car air conditioning is far from nice and cool it's more like blowing the suns hot rays into your face! What happened, you ask yourself? This worked last summer!
A common issue with most auto ac systems! A leak can happen from a variety of issues. Anything from a weak connection or faulty o-ring somewhere in the system to corrosion of the lines or a puncture in one of the system components. Basically the reasons the AC gas leaks out could be simple or very complex.

R134a Refrigerant with ac leak detection dye

When you find where your air conditioner is leaking

The best way to find a leak in your ac system is to do a recharge with a refrigerant that includes leak detection dye! There are many on the market but we sell two types on our store offered by FJC.

One is an AC Dye Charge.

This has a fluorescent leak detection dye and will recharge your system good enough to start blowing cold again. However, the objective of this is to allow it to leak out of your system so that you can then detect areas that are leaking with a black light or leak detector glasses

UV leak detection glasses

Another is AC Stop Leak with red dye and o-ring conditioner

This leak detection system will add a conditioner wich will cause o-rings to swell up a bit. So if your leak is due to old o-rings that have maybe dried out a bit, this will give them a some ne life. If the leak was not due to o-ring leaks you will be able to visually see the red dye wherever it may be leakiing. This stop leak could seal up the system again and allow you to have cold air blowing again. If the leak was caused by o-rings and it leaks a little you will usually find this red dye right at ac line connection points. If the leak is in the ac condenser this red dye will come out wherever that hole is in the lines running through the condenser. In this case you have a bigger promblem that this stop leak will not fix!
You can find the red dye stop leak at Amazon here AC Stop Leak with red dye and o-ring conditioner

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