AC Block Kits at NAPA | Why ACS has a better AC Block Kit | LIFETIME WARRANTY

NAPA carries Dorman style rear ac block kits.

We've got good news for you. Dorman makes an option for ac block kits that are compression fitting line cap offs or line delete fittings. This can be one option to use to block your rear ac system off and use only the front system. Before going out and getting one of these block off options you should understand how they work and if there is a better option.

We do know Dorman makes an ac block kit, a component that will block off your rear ac system.

This style of ac line block can work for cutting off a line be it ac, fuel, vacuum, etc. This type of compression cap off has been around for a while and can be an easy fix for blocking off an ac line. ***You MUST KNOW,*** if you decide to block off your rear ac lines with this kind of compression fitting, you're taking the more difficult route. Not only is it more difficult to install, it calls for the destruction of your ac line that feeds the rear ac system!

You have to cut your original fitting off the line with a line cutter tool. This isn't all that hard to do it's just a very unnecessary step. What you're left with is the ac line with no fitting to match up to the rear ac lines. So now that you've destroyed the front ac line if you ever want to replace your rear lines or accumulator or whatever it is in the rear system that is leaking, you now have to replace your front ac lines as well! You can go for the cheaper option of a compression cap off but if you want your rear ac system working again in the future it will cost even more because you'll have to replace your front ac lines!
ac line termination compression fitting

So how does ACS block off your rear ac?

If you want a quick and dirty ac block off and you don't care if your rear ac sytem works later in the future, the compression style block off will work.

If you want the non-destructive option of a future rear ac system fully functional without costing a ton of money, Auto Cooling Solutions direct fit rear ac block kits work in conjunction with your existing ac system and the ac fittings that your vehicle has.

No cutting and capping of lines is called for.

Our ac block kits are made to match up to the fittings on the front lines that feed the rear system. They match exactly and you only have to unbolt the line from the connection point and bolt on our rear ac block off! They are very easy to install and you won't destroy your front lines. Later down the road you can either replace the rear leaking lines or the entire rear system and not have to replace the front lines as well. To top all that off while you're thinking about it, Auto Cooling Solutions also has replacement rear ac lines and complete rear ac systems for most vehicles with rear ac systems.

Ours are much less expensive than OE options and we stand behind the quality of our block off kits and line sets with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! That's how much we know our options are quality made (we make them right here) built to last.

Our company has been in business since 1950 and we started selling our rear ac block kits around the world in 2008 and people have loved this option so much we now have some small guys trying to copy our ac block kits! Just be aware; who knows what those are made from and how they're made? Could be some import from China or something. Our ac block kits are made from aerospace grade aluminum right here in Flint MI, vehicle city, our home!
direct fit ac block off kit
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