Rear AC Bypass Kit | AC Delete Kit | LIFETIME WARRANTY

So, you've found that your rear ac system has leaked all your refrigerant out!
Now what?
You have a couple options to get the AC blowing cold again.

#1. You can have the rear system repaired (this can be costly especially if you go with OEM components).
If you have found there are leaking rear ac lines, you can replace just the lines.
We manufacture rear line sets for most vehicles with rear ac systems. They are less expensive than OEM and take a fraction of the time to install.
We also offer a Lifetime Warranty on them!
If you need the condenser as well, we also sell the complete rear ac kits!

#2. You can bypass the rear ac with our block kit. This allows you to use only the front system to cool the entire vehicle.
Sure, the rear of the vehicle won't get quite as cool as it would if the rear system is working correctly but you'll have some AC!
This method will save you the most money while leaving you the possibility of repairing the rear system in the future without having to replace front lines as well!

If you'd like to just bypass the rear ac system and use your front ac, use the ac block kit option.
If you want to restore AC to the entire vehicle, use our line set or the complete rear ac kit.

Of course if you need any help determining what you need, please don't hesitate to call us Mon - Fri 8am-4:30pm EST., 810-606-8088
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