Custom AC Line Builds for Vehicle Builders and Fleet Managers

Off-Roaders, Resto-Moders, Coachbuilders, Fleet Managers We are now taking on short run custom line production jobs.

As a professional resto-mod company, coachbuilder, off-road builder you understand that every detail matters. From engine performance to aesthetics, your clients demand excellence. We understand quality and excellence and deliver piece of mind when it comes to restoring or rerouting of AC system lines.

Do you run a fleet of specialty vehicles or involved in modifying vehicles for work, fun or sport? We've been helping some Off-Road and Resto-Mod builders for a few years as well as started to build out some heavy truck applications.

We have expanded our capabilities and are accepting new manufacturing short run jobs for your builds.

Why Our Custom AC Lines Stand Out:
Precision Engineering: Our short-run custom AC lines are meticulously engineered to fit seamlessly into your modifications. Whether you’re restoring or creating custom work vehicles, our lines ensure optimal cooling performance and long life.
Materials That Last: We use top-tier materials—resilient to heat, vibration, and wear. No more worries about leaks or compromised AC efficiency. Your clients deserve the best, and our lines deliver.
Performance Boost: Custom AC lines aren’t just accessories; they enhance overall performance. Efficient refrigerant flow means cooler interiors, even during high-speed drives or scorching summers.

Applications for Professionals:
Resto-Moders: Elevate classic cars with AC lines that honor their heritage.
Coachbuilders: Enhance builds with lines that integrate with your designed plans.
Tuners and Track Cars: Keep cool during high-speed runs.
Off-Road Warriors: Dust, mud, or rocks—our lines can handle it all.

We can help you get the utility you need and quality you desire while surpassing expectations, with customer service you'll be delighted to work with!

We have built what we feel is a strong quality reputation of our brand. We understand the need for your brand to have quality behind it. Quality first, built to last while also fitting into "easy to use and install" is what we are all about!

Get Started Today:
Partner with us for custom AC lines with quality you can count on. Contact our team for personalized quotes and let’s start making things easier!