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AC Dye injector 2730

AC Dye injector 2730

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R-12 and R-134a Hand Turn Dye Injector

FJC’s hand turn dye injector

FJC offers a wide variety of dye and oil injectors for all types of automotive refrigerants.
Add dye/oil to system without adding refrigerant.
Heavy-duty anodized aluminum construction for years of reliable use.
Dye/oil can be injected in while system is under a vacuum, or against the pressure while the system is full and running.

Inject 1/4 to 1/2 ounce of Fluorescent Dye into a R-12 or R-134a A/C System under pressure
Add oil, dye and STOP LEAK to system under pressure without adding refrigerant
Does not require manifold gauge to use on low side of pressurized systems
Includes conversion quick coupler
Heavy Duty aluminum construction

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