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Heavy Duty Truck AC Orifice Tube Assortment Kit 3009

Heavy Duty Truck AC Orifice Tube Assortment Kit 3009

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Heavy Duty Orifice Tube Assortment

The orifice tube meters refrigerant flow through the system and filters debris which may come through. It becomes necessary to replace the orifice tube if the fine mesh screen or the internal components of the orifice tube become plugged, restricting refrigerant and lubricant flow.

HD Orifice Tube Assortment
Contains 8 different Orifice Tubes currently used.
38 Orifice Tubes in Assortment
Expanded Coverage
Kit contains:
8 each Of 3011, 3012, 3016
2 each Of 3014, 3020, 3024
4 each Of 3017, 3019

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