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Rear AC Block Off Uplander, Relay, Terraza, Montana 05-09

Rear AC Block Off Uplander, Relay, Terraza, Montana 05-09

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Uplander - Relay - Terraza - Montana

Rear A/C lines leaking? We've got a solution to your problem!

Chevrolet - Saturn - Buick - Pontiac

Our rear A/C block off kit allows you to block off the rear A/C lines and restore use of the front ac system. A block off kit is a workable option for some people. If your vehicle isn't used carry others around much, or if you just need a temporary solution that is more affordable than replacing the lines, a Rear AC Block Off Kit could help you "Get Your Cool Back!"

Year - Model Fitment Uplander Relay Terraza Montana
When Ordering a Rear AC Block Off Kit

Stated in the instructions is the amount of recharge your vehicle model will now need for recharging only the front system.


Made in the USA! Aerospace grade aluminum AC fittings. Exceeds OEM quality. Eliminates use of rear ac system. Installation is very easy. No need to remove original lines.

Rear AC Block Off Kit Includes:
High pressure line block
Low pressure line block
Washer seal/ O-ring kit
Hardware kit/ Nuts bolts washers

Your ac restoration just became affordable! Now - Get Your Cool Back!

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