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A/C Hose Repair

AC Hose Repair? we've got solutions

So you have no auto ac in your car or truck. You've recharged your AC system with the R-134a Freon recharge kit only to find your AC still blowing warm air and needing repair. You’ve tracked down the problem to a broken or damaged Hose that needs repair or replaced. Well you have found the perfect spot to get the right information, replacement or repair Hoses and kits, as well as AC system accessories like recharge Freon and Hose mounting kits. When it comes to AC Hose repair We’ve got you covered.

Made in the USA!

We manufacture replacement ac Hoses for most cars and trucks. We make our products in the USA. We have been in business since 1950 repairing coolant systems and custom making replacement auto ac Hoses and parts. Our Products meet or exceed OEM standards. So when you want quality ac repair parts that you can count on Auto Cooling Solutions is your source.

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